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    The bio-disposal of lignocellulose substances with activated sludge [1]
    CFD analysis of solid-liquid-gas interactions in flotation vessels [1]
    Characterisation and dynamic modelling of the behaviour of platinum group metals in high pressure sulphuric acid/oxygen leaching systems [1]
    Characterization and optimization of an extractor-type catalytic membrane reactor for meta-xylene isomerization over Pt-HZSM-5 catalyst [1]
    Computerized design of solvents for extractive processes [1]
    Contributions to an improved understanding of the flotation process [1]
    Development of a bioprocess for the production of an aquaculture biological agent [1]
    Development of crosslinkable, thermoplastic polyurethanes for cardiovascular prostheses [1]
    Development of enzyme technology for modification of functional properties of xylan biopolymers [1]
    The economic feasibility of commercial biodiesel production in South Africa including analyses of important production and related parameters [1]
    Evaluation and improvement of dehydrogenation conversion and isomerization selectivity in an extractor Catalytic Membrane Reactor [1]
    Evaluation and improvement of the sPC-SAFT equation of state for complex mixtures. [1]
    Extraction and recovery of precursor chemicals from sugarcane bagasse, bamboo and triticale bran using conventional, advanced and fractionation pretreatment technologies [1]
    A fundamental evaluation of the atmospheric pre-leaching section of the nickel-copper matte treatment process [1]
    The fundamental limits of recycling : from minerals processing to computer aided design of automobiles and other consumer goods [1]
    A fundamental study of the dissolution of gold from refractory ores [1]
    A generic, semi-empirical approach to the stochastic modelling of bath-type pyrometallurgical reactors [1]
    High temperature phase equilibria in the Fe-Co-Cu-Si system pertinent to slag cleaning [1]
    The influence of gas and liquid physical properties on entrainment inside a sieve tray column [1]
    An integrated approach to waste and energy minimization in the wine industry : a knowledge-based decision methodology [1]