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    Exploring the possibility of the insurance industry as a solar water heater driver in South Africa [1]
    Feasibility study for wind power at SAB Newlands [1]
    A finite element based optimisation tool for electrical machines [1]
    An investigation of the wave energy resource on the South African Coast, focusing on the spatial distribution of the South West coast [1]
    Marine renewable energy resource [1]
    Optimization and control of a large-scale solar chimney power plant [1]
    Performance characteristics of an air-cooled steam condenser incorporating a hybrid (dry/wet) dephlegmator [1]
    Performance characteristics of packed bed thermal energy storage for solar thermal power plants [1]
    Plastic photovoltaic roof tiles [1]
    Processing of wood and agricultural biomass for gasification [1]
    Production potential of Eucalypt woodlots for bioenergy in the Winelands region of the Western Cape [1]
    Pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse [1]
    The renewable energy resource and research base in South Africa [1]
    Solar roof tiles : towards a macro-economic model [1]
    Steam jet ejector cooling powered by low grade waste or solar heat [1]
    Sustainable development in the utilization of bio-energy [1]
    Sustainable energy solutions for the residences of Stellenbosch University [1]
    Technical and economic evaluation of the utilisation of solar energy at South Africa's Sanae IV Base in Antarctica [1]
    Techno-economic study for sugarcane bagasse to liquid biofuels in South Africa : a comparison between biological and thermochemical process routes [1]
    The insurance industry as a solar water heater driver in the commercial and domestic markets in South Africa [1]