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    Anaerobic bioconversion of the organic fraction from the fruit processing industry [1]
    Anti-microbial activity of rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis) on food spoilage organisms and potenial pathogens [1]
    The antioxidant activity of South African wines in different test systems as affected by cultivar and ageing [1]
    The antioxidant and antimutagenic activities of Cyclopia spesies and activity-guided fractionation of C. intermedia [1]
    Antioxidant capacity of Pinotage wine as affected by viticultural and enological practices [1]
    Assessment of hectolitre mass (HLM) equipment and HLM measurements of oats [1]
    Assessment of microbial levels in the Plankenburg and Eerste Rivers and subsequent carry-over to fresh produce using source tracking as indicator [1]
    Assessment of microbial loads of the Plankenburg and Berg Rivers and the survival of escherichia coli on raw vegetables under laboratory conditions [1]
    Assessment of microbial loads present in two Western Cape rivers used for irrigation of vegetables [1]
    Assessment of variance in measurement of hectolitre mass of wheat and maize, using equipment from different grain producing and exporting countries [1]
    Bacteriocins and bacteriocin producers present in kefir and kefir grains [1]
    Bioactivity and microbial content of Lippia multiflora leaves, a herbal tea from Ghana [1]
    Characterisation of "glassiness" in commercially processed french fried potatoes [1]
    Characterisation of pinotage wine during maturation on different oak products [1]
    Characterisation of zein from South African maize of varying endosperm texture [1]
    Characterization of volatiles and aroma-active compounds in honeybush (Cyclopia subternata) by GC-MS and GC-O analysis [1]
    Chemical characterization of the constituents of the aroma of honeybush, Cyclopia genistoides [1]
    Chemical, sensory and consumer analysis of cork taint in South African wines [1]
    Chemical, sensory and consumer profiling of a selection of South African Chenin blanc wines produced from bush vines [1]
    The combination of UASB and ozone technology in the treatment of a pectin containing wastewater from the apple juice processing industry [1]