• Acute cerebellitis complicated by hydrocephalus and impending cerebral herniation 

      van Toorn R.; Georgallis P.; Schoeman J. (2004)
      We present a 7-year-old boy with acute cerebellitis who required an emergency ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus caused by cerebellar swelling. This represents a very unusual, potentially life-threatening ...
    • Breast cancer - past, present and future 

      Muller A.G.S.; Van Zyl J.A. (1988)
      Physiotherapists have an important role to play in the rehabilitation and early diagnosis of patients with breast cancer. The change from a simple removal of a tumour to Halsted's mastectomy, to a modified radical mastectomy ...
    • Commentary: Screening for prostate cancer 

      Heyns C.F. (2007)
      [No abstract available]
    • Delay and causes of delay in the diagnosis of childhood cancer in Africa 

      Stefan D.C.; Siemonsma F. (2011)
      Background: Although a few studies have investigated delays in diagnosis and treatment among children and adolescents with cancer, this has never been subject of study in South Africa. Early diagnosis is fundamental as it ...
    • Diagnostic dilemmas in abdominal tuberculosis in children 

      Saczek K.B.; Schaaf H.S.; Voss M.; Cotton M.F.; Moore S.W. (2001)
      The authors review 45 pediatric patients with intra-abdominal tuberculosis (ATB) treated between May 1990 and April 1998. The diagnosis was confirmed histologically or by positive culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. ...
    • Diurnal blood pressure variation in the evaluation of early onset severe pre-eclampsia 

      Steyn D.W.; Odendaal H.J.; Hall D.R. (2008)
      Objective: : To study the association between diurnal variation in blood pressure, the mean daily blood pressure and various complications of pregnancy in patients presenting with severe pre-eclampsia before 34 weeks' ...
    • Fibroblastic rheumatism 

      Du Toit R.; Schneider J.W.; Whitelaw D.A. (2006)
      We report the first known South African case of fibroblastic rheumatism, a rare dermatoarthropathy. Our patient presented with the typical clinical features of a sudden-onset, erosive polyarthritis with cutaneous nodules ...
    • First-episode psychosis: An update 

      Chiliza B.; Oosthuizen P.; Emsley R. (2008)
      Interest in the subject of first-episode psychosis has increased considerably in the last two decades. At present, a number of centres around the world focus on early identification and intervention in people with psychotic ...
    • Immunochemistry and lung cancer: Application in diagnosis, prognosis and targeted therapy 

      Nanguzgambo A.B.; Razack R.; Louw M.; Bolliger C.T. (2011)
      Immunochemistry is now an established ancillary technique in lung cancer diagnosis. Not only does it help in supporting the morphological diagnosis of malignancy, but its role now extends to the determination of cell ...
    • Insulin resistance and vascular disease 

      Maritz F.J.; Maritz F.J. (2004)
      The insulin resistance syndrome comprises a typical cluster of cardiovascular risk factors and is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few decades. The disease process starts many years before the condition is ...
    • Non-infective pulmonary disease in HIV-positive children 

      Theron S.; Andronikou S.; George R.; Du Plessis J.; Goussard P.; Hayes M.; Mapukata A.; Gie R. (2009)
      It is estimated that over 90% of children infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) live in the developing world and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Pulmonary disease is the most common clinical feature of ...
    • Outcome of children treated for cancer in the republic of Namibia 

      Wessels G.; Hesseling P.B. (1996)
      The data of a survey undertaken to record all cases of childhood cancer in Namibia from 1983 to 1988 were analyzed to estimate 5-year survival rates. The projected survival rate for 150 children with cancer was 37% with ...
    • Predictors of response to pharmacotherapy with citalopram in obsessive-compulsive disorder 

      Stein D.J.; Montgomery S.A.; Kasper S.; Tanghoj P. (2001)
      Although serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) are the medications of choice in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), only 50-60% of patients respond to a single trial of any of these agents. Improved knowledge ...
    • The 2nd Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference, 10-14 April 2010, Florence, Italy: Summaries of oral sessions 

      Baharnoori, M.; Bartholomeusz, C.; Boucher, A. A.; Buchy, L.; Chaddock, C.; Chiliza, B.; Focking, M.; Fornito, A.; Gallego, J. A.; Hori, H.; Huf, G.; Jabbar, G. A.; Kang, S. H.; El-Kissi, Y.; Merchan-Naranjo, J.; Modinos, G.; Abdel-Fadeel, N. A. M.; Neubeck, A. K.; Ng, H. P.; Novak, G.; Owolabi, O. O.; Prata, D. P.; Rao, N. P.; Riecansky, I.; Smith, D. C.; Souza, R. P.; Thienel, R.; Trotman, H. D.; Uchida, H.; Woodberry, K. A.; O'Shea, A.; DeLisi, L. E. (2010)
      The 2nd Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference, was held in Florence, Italy, April 10-15, 2010. Student travel awardees served as rapporteurs of each oral session and focused their summaries on the most ...
    • The effect of short term prednisone therapy on the Mantoux skin test 

      Strozik K.S.; Schoeman J.F.; Pieper C.H.; Donald P.R. (1998)
      [No abstract available]
    • The HIV-associated tuberculosis epidemic-when will we act? 

      Harries, A. D.; Zachariah, R.; Corbett, E. L.; Lawn, S. D.; Santos-Filho, E. T.; Chimzizi, R.; Harrington, M.; Maher, D.; Williams, B. G.; De Cock, K. M. (2010)
      Despite policies, strategies, and guidelines, the epidemic of HIV-associated tuberculosis continues to rage, particularly in southern Africa. We focus our attention on the regions with the greatest burden of disease, ...
    • The value of ultrasound examination of the lungs in predicting bronchopulmonary dysplasia 

      Pieper C.H.; Smith J.; Brand E.J. (2004)
      Background: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is one of the most serious complications of neonatal mechanical ventilation. Early diagnosis may influence treatment options such as early steroid administration. Objective: To ...
    • Traumatic dislocation of the atlanto-occipital joint 

      Govender S.; Vlok G.J.; Fisher-Jeffes N.; Du Preez C.P. (2003)
      We present four patients who had sustained a traumatic dislocation of the atlanto-occipital joint. The diagnosis was initially missed in two patients. One patient, who was neurologically intact, was treated non-operatively. ...
    • Tuberculosis at extremes of age 

      Schaaf H.S.; Collins A.; Bekker A.; Davies P.D.O. (2010)
      Although tuberculosis (TB) has its highest burden among young adults, especially since the advent of HIV infection, two other groups with low immunity, the very young (<1 year) with immature immunity and the elderly (>65 ...
    • What if this were your child? 

      Hawkridge S. (2002)
      [No abstract available]