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    Zack Snyder, Frank Miller and Herodotus: Three Takes on the 300 Spartans [1]
    Zamiaceae: Typification of Encephalartos [1]
    Zauber und Magie in <I>Afrikanisches Schach. Ein Leben mit den Geistern an Kenias K�ste</I> [1]
    Zebras from Wonderwerk cave, northern Cape Province, South Africa: attempts to distinguish Equus burchelli and E. quagga. [1]
    Zechariah 3-4: Core of Proto-Zechariah. [1]
    A Zero Sampling Plan for the Moderation of Examination Papers [1]
    Zidovudine impairs immunological recovery on first-line antiretroviral therapy: collaborative analysis of cohort studies in Southern Africa [2]
    Zidovudine with nevirapine for the prevention of HIV mother-to-child transmission reduces nevirapine resistance in mothers from the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Zimbabwe and South Africa: The ideological solidarity of liberation elites [1]
    Zimbabwe's ESAP : political and economic implications for the clothing and textile industry [1]
    Zimbabwe: A post-dollarization economic analysis [1]
    Zinc and platelet membrane microviscosity in Alzheimer's disease. The in vivo effect of zinc on platelet membranes and cognition [1]
    Zinc mesoporphyrin represses induced hepatic 5-aminolevulinic acid synthase and reduces heme oxygenase activity in a mouse model of acute hepatic porphyria. [1]
    Zip zip my brain harts. (text for work with photographs by Angela Buckland) [1]
    zkr and its semantic field in Isaiah 40-55 [1]
    ZnO nanowire gas sensor with UV-light for improved sensitivity [3]
    Zo ver en zo dichtbij. Literaire betrekkingen tussen Nederland en Zuid-Afrika [2]
    Zoledronic acid versus pamidronate in the treatment of skeletal metastases in patients with breast cancer or osteolytic lesions of multiple myeloma: A phase III, double-blind, comparative trial [1]
    Zona pellucida as physiological trigger for the induction of acrosome reaction [1]
    Zona pellucida induced acrosome reaction, sperm morphology and sperm-zona binding assessments among subfertile men. [3]