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    G - Granulocytopenia [1]
    g boson and systematics of the M1 scissors mode [1]
    g factors of nuclear low-lying states: A covariant description [1]
    g-boson panacea for magnetic properties of the nuclear groundstate band? [1]
    G-protein regulation of the solubilized human zona pellucida-mediated acrosome reaction and zona pellucida binding [1]
    G.R. Beasley-Murray se afwysing van die kinderdoop : 'n kritiese evaluering met spesifieke verwysing na die verbond, besnydenis en doop [1]
    G2/M block abrogation drastically enhances the cytotoxicity of Daunorubicin, Melphalan and Cisplatin in TP53 mutant human tumour cells. [1]
    Gabbro-norite-hosted Ni-Cu-(Co)-sulphide mineralization in southern Namaqualand and its relationship to the cupriferous Koperberg Suite of the Okiep Copper District, South Africa [1]
    Gain Ripple in Small Offset Gregorian Antennas [1]
    Gain ripple in small offset Gregorian antennas [1]
    Gait status 17-26 years after selective dorsal rhizotomy [1]
    Gait status 17-26 years after selective dorsal rhizotomy. [1]
    Galas, biras, state funerals and the necropolitan imagination in re-constructions of the Zimbabwean nation, 1980-2008 [1]
    Gall inducers take a leap: Host-range differences explain speciation opportunity (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) [1]
    Gall-forming insect species richness along a non-scleromorphic vegetation rainfall gradient in South Africa: The importance of plant community composition [2]
    Gallo Music v Sting Music [1]
    Galu Wamkota: Missiological reflections from South-Central Africa [1]
    Galvanic interaction during the electrochemical dissolution of gold. [1]
    Galvanic interactions during the dissolution of gold in cyanide and thiourea solutions [1]
    Galvanodynamic study of the electrochemical switching effect in perfluorinated cation-exchange membranes modified by ethylenediamine [1]