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    F - Ferritin and iron metabolism [1]
    F-18 FDG PET/CT studies in patients receiving treatment for tuberculosis: A six month follow-up study [1]
    F-MRI of Abstinent Cannabis and Cannabis Mandrax Users. [1]
    F.W. Jannasch en sy bydrae tot ons kerkmusiek [1]
    Fabrication and construction in South Africa of a steel fixed-base production platform in 120 m of water. [1]
    Fabrication of hydrodynamic torque converter impellers by using the selective laser sintering method [5]
    Fabrication of Josephson junctions using AFM Nanolithography [1]
    Fabrication of Superconducting Circuits using AFM [1]
    Fabriekstudie in verband met ongelukke [1]
    Fabriekswerksters in Kaapstad : 'n sosiologiese studie van 540 blanke en kleurling-fabriekswerksters [1]
    Fabriekwerksters in Kaapstad : 'n sosiologiese studie van 540 blanke- en kleurlingfabriekwerksters [3]
    Face Recognition using Hidden Markov Models [1]
    Facial affect recognition and medical students [1]
    Facial hyperpigmentation: histological assessment and computer biometry with implications for melasma treatment. [1]
    Facial mesotherapy with PRP in aesthetic medicine. [1]
    Facial profile changes with various orthodontic premolar extraction sequences during growth. [1]
    Facial-Skin Hyperpigmentation: Histological and computer Geometric Assessment. [1]
    Facies architecture of kookfontein shelf edge delta, Tanqua-Karoo Basin (South Africa): Implications for facies analysis and modelling [1]
    Facile immobilization of enzymes on electrospun poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) nanofibres [1]
    Facile preparation of bis(thiocarbonyl)disulfides via elimination [1]