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    11�-Hydroxyandrostenedione is metabolised to novel androgenic C19 steroids in the prostate [6]
    11�-Hydroxyandrostenedione returns to the steroid arena: Biosynthesis, metabolism and function [4]
    11�-Hydroxyandrostenedione, the product of androstenedione metabolism in the adrenal, is metabolized in LNCaP cells by 5�� -reductase yielding 11 �-hydroxy-5�� -androstanedione [7]
    11�-Hydroxydihydrotestosterone and 11-ketodihydrotestosterone, novel C19 steroids with androgenic activity: A putative role in castration resistant prostate cancer? [6]
    ??13C as indicator of soil water availability and drought stress in <I>Pinus radiata </I>stands in South Africa [1]
    13th Annual Conference of the South African Association of Senior Student Affairs Professionals (SAASSAP) -- Keynote address [1]
    14-day bactericidal activity of PA-824, bedaquiline, pyrazinamide, and moxifloxacin combinations: a randomised trial . [1]
    14th International AIDS Conference--Barcelona 7-12 July 2002. [1]
    15 years of proton radiosurgery experience at iThemba LABS, long term results for AVM s, Meningiomas, and Acoustic Neuromas. [1]
    15 years of proton radiosurgery experience at iThemba LABS, long term results for AVM's, Meningiomas and Acoustic Neuromas [1]
    16 Junie 1976, 35 Jaar later [1]
    "16th Association of European Psychiatrists Congress Nice, France 05-09 April 2008 Edited by Cyril Höschl and Philippe H. Robert (Emsley)" [1]
    16th National Family Practitioners' Conference, 10-11 May 2013 - Conference Report [2]
    16α-Hydroxyprogesterone: Origin, biosynthesis and receptor interaction [1]
    18 nie uit nie [1]
    18-Crown-6 templates offset-linked pyrogallol[4]arene dimers [2]
    18-Membered heterometallacyclic gold(I) compounds: Structural influences of co-crystallized solvent [1]
    195Pt NMR and DFT computational methods as tools towards the understanding of speciation and hydration/solvation of [PtX6] 2- (X = Cl-, Br-) anions in solution [1]
    195Pt NMR isotopologue and isotopomer distributions of [PtCln(H2O)6 - N]4 - n (n = 6,5,4) species as a fingerprint for unambiguous assignment of isotopic stereoisomers [1]
    Die 1996 bevolkingsensus-statistiek van die Ned Geref Kerk in die Vrystaat. [1]