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    • Mealiness of Forelle pears - Quo vadis 

      Crouch, E. M.; Holcroft, D. M.; Huysamer, M. (International Society for Horticultural Science -- ISHS, 2005-04)
      ‘Forelle’ (Pyrus communis), a late season blushed pear cultivar grown in South Africa, requires a minimum of 12-weeks cold storage (-0.5 °C) to ripen evenly. Mealiness, a dry texture disorder, may develop at this time. ...

    • Postharvest calyx retention of citrus fruit 

      Cronje, P. J. R.; Crouch, E. M.; Huysamer, M. (Acta Horticulturae, 2005-06)
      Abscission is an active developmental process occurring at the abscission zone of the fruit peduncle. The target cells in the abscission zone, which are involved in the process of separation, are located in the separation ...