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    • Cardio-metabolic effects of HIV protease inhibitors (Lopinavir/Ritonavir) 

      Reyskens, Kathleen M. S. E.; Fisher, Tarryn-Lee; Schisler, Jonathan C.; O'Connor, Wendi G.; Rogers, Arlin B.; Willis, Monte S.; Planesse, Cynthia; Boyer, Florence; Rondeau, Philippe; Bourdon, Emmanuel; Essop, M. F. (PLoS, 2013-11)
      Although antiretroviral treatment decreases HIV-AIDS morbidity/mortality, long-term side effects may include the onset of insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible ...

    • Oxidatives stress and adipocyte biology : focus on therole of AGEs 

      Boyer, Florence; Vidot, Jennifer Baraka; Dubourg, Alexis Guerin; Rondeau, Philippe; Essop, M. Faadiel; Bourdon, Emmanuel (Hindawi, 2015-03)
      Diabetes is a major health problem that is usually associated with obesity, together with hyperglycemia and increased advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) formation. Elevated AGEs elicit severe downstream consequences ...