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    Alteration of the soil mantle by strip mining in the Namaqualand Strandveld [1]
    Attenuation of ionic pollutants in selected South African soils [1]
    Chemical characterisation of the soils of East Central Namibia [1]
    Comparison of calcium ameliorants and coal ash in alleviating the effects of subsoil acidity on maize root development near Middelburg, Mpumalanga [1]
    The concentration of selected trace metals in South African soils [1]
    The contribution of indigenous vegetables to food security and nutrition within selected sites in South Africa [1]
    The degradation of atrazine by soil minerals : effects of drying mineral surfaces [1]
    Determination of the lime requirement of sandy, organic-rich, and structured, high Mg:Ca ratio soils by the Eksteen method [1]
    Determining of optimum irrigation schedules for drip irrigated Shiraz vineyards in the Breede River Valley [1]
    Distribution and stability of soil carbon in spekboom thicket, Eastern Cape, South Africa [1]
    Effect of biochar on chemistry, nutrient uptake and fertilizer mobility in sandy soil [1]
    Effect of biochar on selected soil physical properties of sandy soil with low agricultural suitability [1]
    The effect of long-term tillage practices on selected soil properties in the Swartland wheat production area of the Western Cape [1]
    The effect of saline irrigation on selected soil properties, plant physiology and vegetative reproductive growth of Palsteyn appricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) [1]
    Die effek van verskillende oppervlakbewerkingspraktyke op die wortelverspreiding van wingerd [1]
    Efficiency of irrigation practices for table grapes in the Hex River Valley [1]
    Evaluating the effect of crop rotations and tillage practices on soil water balances of selected soils and crop performances in the Western Cape [1]
    Evaluation of the effect of an orange oil based soil Ameliorant on selected soil physical properties [1]
    An evaluation of the effectiveness of coal ash as an amendment for acid soils [1]
    Evaluation of the effects of an orange-oil based soil ameliorant on soil water management [1]