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    • Classification of subspaces 

      Herrmann, Christian; Moresi, Remo; Schuppli, Reto; Wild, Marcel (Mathematisches Institut der Universitat Bayreuth, 1998)
      1.1 Statement of the problems and the lattice method Let E and E' be non-degenerate €-hermitean spaces over the same data (k, €, -) (see 1.1.1) with linear subspaces F and F', respectively. The.pairs (E, F) and (E', F') ...

    • Contributions to the theory of near-vector spaces 

      Sanon, Sogo Pierre (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2017-12)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT : The purpose of this thesis is to give an exposition and expand the theory of near-vector spaces. Near-vector space theory is a new and rich field of mathematics and has been used in several applications, ...

    • Near vector spaces 

      De Bruyn, Aletta (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 1990)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The preliminary material in Chapter 1 is included in order that this work be reasonably self-contained. The main aim of this thesis is to give an exposition of the theory of near vector spaces, as ...