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    • Preparation and coordination chemistry of bis-pyridyl diamide ligands 

      Batisai, Eustina (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2010-03)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The number of coordination complexes utilizing bis-pyridyl diamide ligands has increased significantly over the past decade. This is attributed to the relatively easy synthetic procedure of the ligands ...

    • Synthesis and sorption studies of porous metal-organic hosts 

      Batisai, Eustina (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2013-03)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The first part of this study describes the synthesis of new porous materials from basic building blocks. Five structurally related ligands namely: N,N'-bis(3-pyridylmethyl)-naphthalene diimide (L1), ...