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    Manipulating cell wall biosynthesis in yeast and higher plants [1]
    Manipulation of ascorbate biosynthesis in Solanum lycopersicum (cv Money maker) [1]
    The manipulation of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate levels in sugarcane [1]
    Manipulation of neutral invertase activity in sugarcane [1]
    Manipulation of pyrophosphate fructose 6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferase activity in sugarcane [1]
    Mannoprotein production and wine haze reduction by wine yeast strains [1]
    Mapping and restructuring of an Ae. kotschyi derived translocation segment in common wheat [1]
    Mapping genes for stem rust and Russian wheat aphid resistance in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) [1]
    Mapping of chromosome arm 7DL of Triticum aestivum L. [1]
    Marker assisted breeding in sugarcane : a complex polyploid [1]
    Medium-throughput SNP genotyping and linkage mapping in Haliotis midae [1]
    A metagenomic approach using next-generation sequencing for viral profiling of a vineyard and genetic characterization of grapevine virus E [1]
    Microsatellite genotyping of contributing broodstock and selected offspring of Haliotis midae submitted to a growth performance recording scheme [1]
    Microsatellite marker development and parentage assignment in Haliotis midae [1]
    Microsatellite markers as a tool in genetic enhancement and husbandry of Haliotis midae : a South African case study [1]
    Modulation of ascorbate peroxidase activity by nitric oxide in soybean [1]
    Modulation of root nodule antioxidant systems by nitric oxide : prospects for enhancing salinity tolerance in legumes [1]
    Molecular analyses of Salvia Africana-Lutea L. transgenic hairy root clones for secondary bioactives [1]
    Molecular analysis of genes involved in iron overload implicated in oesophageal cancer [1]
    The molecular analysis of the effects of lumichrome as a plant growth promoting substance [1]