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    Gene silencing in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) following a biolistics approach [1]
    Generation of clonal microplants and hairy root cultures of the aromatic medicinal plant Salvia runcinata L.f. [1]
    Genetic association analysis of polymorphisms in four cytochrome P450 genes, the MDR1 gene and treatment-outcome in Xhosa schizophrenia patients [1]
    Genetic engineering of sugarcane for increased sucrose and consumer acceptance [1]
    Genetic improvement of growth rate in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) [1]
    Genetic manipulation of sucrose-storing tissue to produce alternative products [1]
    Genetic manipulation of the cell wall composition of sugarcane [1]
    Genetic mapping of adult plant stripe rust resistance in the wheat cultivar Kariega [1]
    Growth-related gene expression in haliotis midae [1]
    GSA-PCA : gene set generation by principal component analysis of the Laplacian matrix of a metabolic network [1]
    Identification and characterisation of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 genomic and subgenomic RNAs [1]
    Identification and molecular characterization of three genetic variants of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) from South African vineyards and their spread in local vineyards [1]
    Identification of growth related quantitative Trait Loci within the abalone using comparative microsatellite bulked segregant analysis [1]
    Identification of molecular markers for the diagnostic identification of the intracellular prokaryote associated with the appearance of withering syndrome in the abalone Haliotis midae [1]
    Identification of molecular markers linked to woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum) (Hausmann) resistance in apple [1]
    Identification of regulatory elements mediating responses of SOD and cystatin transcripts to salt stress and nitric oxide in soybean nodules [1]
    Identification of the genes encoding enzymes involved in the synthesis of the biopolymer paramylon from Euglena gracilis [1]
    Implementation of marker assisted breeding in triticale [1]
    Implementation of molecular markers for triticale cultivar identification and marker-assisted selection [1]
    In silico and functional analyses of the iron metabolism pathway [1]