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    Embracing the dragon : African policy responses for engaging China and enhancing regional integration [1]
    Evaluating China's FOCAC commitments to Africa and mapping the way ahead [1]
    FOCAC : addressing joint environmental challenges? [1]
    FOCAC : trade, investments and aid in China-Africa relations [1]
    The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) - Political rationale and functioning [1]
    “Going global” in growth markets — Chinese investments in telecommunications in Africa [1]
    Live, talk, faces : an analysis of CCTVs adaption to the African media market [1]
    The management of Chinese foreign direct investment [1]
    Political risk factors : what Chinese companies need to assess when investing in Africa [1]
    South Africa’s relations with China and Taiwan: Economic realism and the ‘One China’ doctrine [1]
    South-South Cooperation through investment – South African and Chinese support to development in Lesotho? [1]
    South-South migration and trade : African traders in China [1]
    South-South migration and trade : Chinese traders in Senegal [1]
    State-directed multi-national enterprises and transnational governance : Chinese investments in Africa, corporate responsibility and sustainability norms [1]
    Strategic partnerships and sustainable investments : how can China support the African Mining Vision [1]
    Strengthening Africa-China relations : a perspective from Botswana [1]
    A study on the employment effect of Chinese investment in South Africa [1]
    Transparency of Chinese aid : an analysis of the published information on Chinese external financial flows [1]
    Transparency of Chinese aid – the published information on Chinese external financial flows [1]
    Trilateral development cooperation between the European Union, China and Africa : what prospects for South Africa? [1]