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    African students in China : an exploration of increasing numbers and their motivations in Beijing [1]
    Assessing China’s role in foreign direct investment in Southern Africa [1]
    The challenge in conservation of biodiversity : regulation of National Parks in China and South Africa in comparison [1]
    China as Africa’s ambiguous ally – why China has a responsibility for Africa’s development [1]
    China goes global in Egypt : a special economic zone in Suez [1]
    The China-African Development Fund (CADFund) as a sovereign wealth fund for Africa’s development [1]
    China-Mali relationship : finding mutual benefit between unequal partners [1]
    China’s role in the East African oil and gas sector : a new model of engagement [1]
    Chinese engagement in African security — pragmatism and shifts under the surface [1]
    A Chinese perspective on South Africa as an emerging power : global, regional and bilateral implications [1]
    The Chinese solar energy industry and potential of renewables in Africa [1]
    Chinese-led SEZs in Africa are they a driving force of China's soft power [1]
    Chinese-led special economic zones in Africa : problems on the road to success [1]
    Climate change in China : risks and responses [1]
    Climate change risk and response : droughts as extreme weather events in China [1]
    Competing for development : the European Union and China in Ethiopia [1]
    Development in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region : spatial transformation and the construction of difference in Western China [1]
    Does China plan and evaluate foreign aid projects like traditional donors [1]
    Embracing the dragon : African policy responses for engaging China and enhancing regional integration [1]
    Evaluating China's FOCAC commitments to Africa and mapping the way ahead [1]