Direct determination of metal to halide mole ratios in platinum complex anions [PtCl 6-nBr n] 2- (n = 0-6) by means of HPLC-ICP-OES using Cl, Br and Pt emissions of all separated species

Van Wyk P.-H. ; Gerber W.J. ; Koch K.R. (2012)


A hyphenated HPLC-ICP-OES method for the direct determination of the metal to ligand mole ratios for the series of individually separated Pt II/IV chlorido-bromido [PtCl 4] 2-, [PtCl 6] 2- and [PtCl 6-nBr n] 2- (n = 0-6) species by simultaneous monitoring of the Pt (177.708 nm), Cl (134.724 nm) and Br (148.845 nm) ICP emissions leads to a novel and unambiguous method of chemical speciation of such Pt II/IV complexes in acidic aqueous solutions. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012.

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