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    • Critical Citizenship and Higher Education Curricula: Legacies and Prospects 

      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: In this chapter we explore three related issues. Firstly, we briefly refer to some of the legacies from South Africa’s colonial and apartheid past, especially as they pertain to university curricula and ...

    • Critical curriculum inquiry in an undergraduate visual communication design programme: a case study approach through a complexity theory lens 

      Costandius, Elmarie (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2011)
      INTRODUCTION: The challenge to curricula to encourage socially sustainable ways of living – environmentally, economically and socially – is a global phenomenon. An example is the Millennium Development Goals of the United ...

    • Current realities and future agendas for critical citizenship education 

      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: What have been established up to this point? Chapter 1 highlighted three main issues that involve university curricula and critical citizenship education, namely elements of the debate on international ...

    • Curriculum Challenges in Higher Education 

      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: A decade ago and 11 years after the birth of a new democratic political dispensation in South Africa, an important contribution to inquiry into higher education curricula saw the light. But, in writing their ...


      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: In the previous chapters we have shown that numerous curriculum challenges remain in higher education – not only in South Africa, but worldwide. One such challenge is to provide a critical citizenship ...

    • An Example of Critical Citizenship Education in an Arts Curriculum 

      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: If one considers the importance of global and local change and transformation for constructing just, sustainable and peaceful societies globally, initiatives such as the United Nations Millennium Development ...

    • Henry Giroux on Critical Pedagogy and Engaged Curricula 

      Costandius, Elmarie; Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2015)
      INTRODUCTION: In Neoliberalism’s war on higher education (2014), Henry Giroux refers to neoliberalism as a central organising idea in shaping his critical view of higher education. At the time of its writing, Giroux was ...

    • KVSA vertaalprys / CASA translation prize 

      De Villiers, A. (Stellenbosch University, Department of Ancient Studies, 2011)
      A translation competition was initiated and sponsored by the Classical Association of South Africa in 2011. This translation wasjudged to be the best student translation submitted to CASA duringthis past year.

    • Reflecting on critical citizenship in critical times 

      Costandius, Elmarie (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2016)
      After the first democratic elections in South Africa 22 years ago, people were in general optimistic and could imagine a better future for all. This hope slowly faded over time for many young people. Only 15% of undergraduate ...

    • Teaching citizenship in visual communication design: reflections of an Afrikaner 

      Costandius, Elmarie (SUN MeDIA, 2012)
      Introduction: An academic institution’s focus of learning is usually on students, while the learning of lecturers is often regarded as being of secondary importance. Is it true, as the old adage has it, that the best ...