The impact of implementing world class manufacturing on company performance : a case study of the ArcelorMittal South Africa Saldanha Works Business Unit

Mey, Jan Hendrik Phillipus (2011-03)

Thesis (MBA)--Stellenbosch University, 2011.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Purpose: Literature on World Class Manufacturing is very limited. Some information exists on the concepts behind it, but very little exist on the framework and physical implementation. Also, a lot of information is available on other productivity improvement initiatives but not a lot is mentioned about the implementation thereof and the difficulties experienced during the implementation. This paper aims to provide not only an overview of the framework of World Class Manufacturing as interpreted by ArcelorMittal, but also a case study of such an implementation. Design/Methodology/Approach: The approach taken with this paper is to give an overview of the World Class Manufacturing framework as interpreted by ArcelorMittal and to provide a case study of an actual implementation thereof. Findings: Productivity improvement initiatives have real value for the companies that implement them, but this value can only be sustained if the principles behind them are entrenched in the company’s strategy. Practical Implications: The result of this paper is the design of a Business Management Framework that will support the sustainability of a World Class Manufacturing implementation. Originality/Value: The value of this paper lies not only with the building of the body of knowledge with respect to World Class Manufacturing but also in the design of a new concept for the support of sustained value creation of World Class Manufacturing.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Doel: Literatuur oor “World Class Manaufacturing” is baie beperk. Daar is wel literatuur oor die konsepte agter dit, maar daar bestaan baie min literatuur oor die raamwerk asook die fisiese implementering. Daar bestaan ook baie literatuur oor ander produktiwiteits verbetering initiatiewe, maar daarin word daar ook baie min melding gemaak van die implementering asook die probleme wat ondervind word gedurende die tyd. Die verslag se mikpunt is om ’n oorsig te gee van die raamwerk van “World Class Manufacturing” soos wat dit deur ArcelorMittal geinterpreteer word, asook om ’n voorbeeld te gee van so ’n implementering. Ontwerp/Metodologie/Aanslag: Die aanslag wat geneem is met die verslag is om ‘n oorsig te gee van die raamwerk van “World Class Manufacturing” soos wat dit geinterpreteer word deur ArcelorMittal asook om ‘n voorbeeld te gee van die implementering daarvan. Bevindings: Produktiwiteits verbetering initiatiewe lewer regte waarde aan die maatskappye wat dit implementeer, maar die waarde kan net volhou word as die beginsels agter die initiatiewe ingeburger word in die maatskappy se strategie. Praktiese Implikasies: Die resultaat van die verslag is die ontwerp van ‘n Besigheids Bestuur Raamwerk wat die volhoubaarheid van die implementering van “World Class Manufacturing” sal ondersteun. Oorspronklikheid/Waarde: Die waarde van die verslag le nie net in die opbou van die kennis wat beskikbaar is oor “World Class Manufacturing” nie, maar ook in die ontwerp van ’n nuwe konsep for the onderhouding van volhoubare waarde skepping met “World Class Manufacturing”.

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