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    • Anaesthesia for microsurgery 

      Jakubowski, M.; Lamont, A.; Murray, W. B.; De Wit, S. L. (Health and Medical Publishing Group -- HMPG, 1985-04)
      The data from a retrospective study of 32 anaesthetics administered for free-flap tissue operations are analysed. We suggest balanced analgesic-dominated general anaesthesia, supported wherever possible by continuous ...

    • Free flap transfer with microvascular anastomosis 

      Visse, J. H.; Adendorff, D. J.; Malherbe, W. D. F. (HMPG, 1976-11)
      The development of the flap transfer technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery has evolved to the stage where free transplantation of a full thickness skin flap, by means of microvascular anastomosis, has become ...