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    The 2-deoxy-d-glucose-neutral red test and vagotomy : an experimental study [1]
    Abnormal serum lipoprotein levels as a risk factor for the development of human lenticular opacities [1]
    Acute abdomen in a patient with situs inversus : a case report [1]
    Alan Blyth - my halfeeu op Ladismith [1]
    Alcohol levels in trauma victims [1]
    Anaesthesia for microsurgery [1]
    Aneurysm of a peripheral pulmonary artery : case report and brief review of the literature [1]
    Astute and safe use of topical ocular corticosteroids in general practice : practical guidelines [1]
    Atresia of the colon. A review of the literature with a report of 2 cases [1]
    Axillary nodal metastasis at primary presentation of an oropharyngeal primary carcinoma : a case report and review of the literature [1]
    Binneaarse radio-isotoop angiografie karotis-kaverneuse fistels [1]
    Bipolar diathermy for the outpatient control of posterior epistaxis [1]
    Bolus obstruction of the intestine : case reports [1]
    Congenital choledochal cyst : a case report [1]
    Correlation between a new visual prostate symptom score (VPSS) and uroflowmetry parameters in men with lower urinary tract symptoms [1]
    The development and evaluation of an outcome predictive score for a neonatal intensive care unit in South Africa [1]
    Early diagnosis of prostate cancer in the Western Cape [1]
    Endoscopy outreach : how worthwhile is it [1]
    Falsely elevated plasma creatinine levels as a marker of nitromethane poisoning [1]
    Free flap transfer with microvascular anastomosis [1]