The first candidate for chiral nuclei in the A~80 mass region: 80Br

Wang S.Y. ; Qi B. ; Liu L. ; Zhang S.Q. ; Hua H. ; Li X.Q. ; Chen Y.Y. ; Zhu L.H. ; Meng J. ; Wyngaardt S.M. ; Papka P. ; Ibrahim T.T. ; Bark R.A. ; Datta P. ; Lawrie E.A. ; Lawrie J.J. ; Majola S.N.T. ; Masiteng P.L. ; Mullins S.M. ; Gal J. ; Kalinka G. ; Molnar J. ; Nyako B.M. ; Timar J. ; Juhasz K. ; Schwengner R. (2011)


Excited states of 80Br have been investigated via the 76Ge(11B, α3n) and 76Ge(7Li, 3n) reactions and a new δI=1 band has been identified which resides ~ 400 keV above the yrast band. Based on the experimental results and their comparison with the triaxial particle rotor model calculated ones, a chiral character of the two bands within the πg9/2⊗ νg9/2 configuration is proposed, which provides the first evidence for chirality in the A~80 region. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

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