Study of the abnormal late co-elution phenomenon of low density polyethylene in size exclusion chromatography using high temperature size exclusion chromatography and high temperature asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation

Otte T. ; Klein T. ; Brull R. ; Macko T. ; Pasch H. (2011)


The elution behaviour of linear and branched polyethylene samples in SEC was studied. For the branched samples an abnormal late co-elution of large and small macromolecules manifests itself as an abnormal re-increase of the molar mass and the radius of gyration values detected with multi angle light scattering at high elution volumes in SEC. The late co-elution of small and large macromolecules cannot be explained by the SEC mechanism alone. The influence of several experimental parameters on the late co-elution was studied. It was found that the type of SEC column and the flow rate have a significant influence. The late eluting part of the sample was fractionated and separated by HT-SEC- and HT-AF4-MALS. The different results of both methods have been discussed with the aim to find possible explanations for the late elution. The experiments indicate that especially large branched structures show an increased tendency for the phenomenon. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

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