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    Taking God seriously, taking life seriously : praying the Psalms as a congregational strategy for integrated spirituality [1]
    Taling en kerklike kommunikasie : 'n prakties-teologiese ondersoek [1]
    The tears of xenophobia : preaching and violence from a South African perspective [1]
    Teologiese identiteit as missionale gerigtheid [1]
    ‘n Teologiese ondersoek na die rol van toleransie en omarming in die hantering van leerstellige en morele verskille, met verwysing na die Christelike doop [1]
    Terminal care as life care : a pastoral approach to death and dying [1]
    A text-critical analysis of the Lamentations manuscripts from Qumran (3QLam, 4QLam, 5QLama and 5QLamb): establishing the content of an Old Testament book according to its textual witnesses among the Dead Sea scrolls [1]
    Theocracy : reflections of the relationship between God and King in Samuel-Kings and Chronicles [1]
    Theological perspectives on land restoration in Leviticus 25:8-55 [1]
    Theological perspectives on tithing in the Old Testament and their implications for believing communities in Africa [1]
    Theological reflections on empire [1]
    Theological reflections on the spread of Islam and attitudes in churches : a case study on three black townships in Cape Town [1]
    The theological significance of the propeht Huldah's prophecy : a feminist perspective on 2 Kings 22:14-20 [1]
    Thesis [1]
    Tikverslawing in die gemeenskap van die Rynse Kerk Bellville : 'n prakties-teologiese ondersoek na die behoeftes van geaffekteerde families. [1]
    Toward a feminist ecclesiology of memory and hope in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic [1]
    Towards a holistic ministry to the Kwe San communities in the Tsumkwe constituency in Namibia [1]
    Towards a people-centred approach in theology for socio-economic rural community development in Nasarawa State, Nigeria [1]
    Towards an understanding of the implication and challenge of the emerging church movement for ecclesiology in post-colonial Africa : an evangelical perspective [1]
    Towards heterogeneous faith communities : understanding transitional processes in Seventh-day Adventist Churches in South Africa [1]