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    The Papacy as ecumenical challenge : contemporary Anglican and Protestant perspectives on the Petrine Ministry [1]
    Pastoral care and counselling to and with children [1]
    Pastoral care as community care : towards an intergrative approach to healing and well-being within the HIV and AIDS discourse [1]
    Pastoral caregivers in the Nigerian hospital context : a pastoral theological approach [1]
    Pastoral participation in transformation : a narrative perspective [1]
    Pastorale bediening vir die getuieniswerker in ‘n inter-kulturele en inter-godsdienstige konteks [1]
    'n Pastorale groeimodel vir die ontwikkeling van spiritualiteit tydens rousmart [1]
    The pathos of New Testament studies : of what use are we to the church [1]
    Paul and empire : patronage in the Pauline rhetoric of 1 Corinthians 4:14-21 [1]
    Paul and Israel : flesh, spirit and identity [1]
    Paul's discourse for the Corinthians' edification :a socio-rhetorical interpretation of 2 Corinthians 10-13 [1]
    Paulus en mag : raamwerke en aansprake [1]
    Personal or impersonal? : an analysis of Karl Barth and Merrill Unger's perspectives on the personhood of the demonic [1]
    Philosophical counselling : towards a 'new approach' in pastoral care and counselling [1]
    The physical dimension of health : the neglected aspect of pastoral care [1]
    The poor and the public : an exploration of synergies between black theology and public theologies [1]
    Populere spiritualiteitstendense : 'n gevallestudie van die Ned. Geref. Kerk Port Elizabeth-Hoogland [1]
    Post-foundational practical theology as correlational hermeneutic [1]
    A post-foundational practical theology? : the pastoral cycle and local theology [1]
    A post-foundationalist approach towards doing practical theology : a critical comparison of paradigms [1]