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    The IBIBIO concept of peace and its implications for preaching: a practical theological study within the AKWA Synod of the Presbyterian church of Nigeria [1]
    Die identiteit van en bediening in 'n myngemeenskap : 'n gevallestudie van die Ned. Geref. Kerk Grootmist [1]
    Identity formation and community solidarity : second temple historiographies in discourse with (South) African theologies of reconstruction [1]
    The identity of the preacher : a homiletical-critical study in Korean Presbyterian church [1]
    Ideologie en mag in Bybelinterpretasie : op weg na 'n kommunale lees van 2 Samuel 13 [1]
    Images of men and masculinities within cultural contexts : a pastoral assessment [1]
    Imagination in the formation of Christian faith : with special reference to the child (7-11 year old) [1]
    The impact of ethnicity on the missional strategies within the Presbyterian church of Nigeria [1]
    Impact of globalisation on parenting in Buhera district [1]
    The impact of Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) upon the witness and growth of the Korean Presbyterian Church [1]
    The impact of reformed missions on the origin, growth and identity of the Reformed Church of East Africa, 1905-2000 [1]
    The impact of the Seventh-Day Adventist church's religious thinking on the interplay between personality type and spiritual maturity [1]
    The implementation of pastoral group counselling : a way to care for HIV positive yourng women living in a South African township [1]
    The imputation of Christ's righteousness to the wicked in the American great awakening and the Korean revivals [1]
    "In herinnering aan die kinders ... wat aan honger en koue moet sterf" : liturgie in 'n konteks van armoede [1]
    In search of a family : the challenge of gangsterism to faith communities on the Cape Flats [1]
    In search of ecclesial autonomyy : a church historical and church juridical study of developments in church polity in the Dutch Reformed Mission Church in South Africa (DRMC) and the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA) from 1881-1994 [1]
    In search of meaning : preaching within the context of a "Post-Apartheid" South African society [1]
    In search of root causes of poverty testing a theological perspective in development dialogues [1]
    Inclusion or exclusion? : a Christian ethical investigation into biblical perspectives on homosexuality [1]