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    The faith healing practice in pastorale care : a pastoral assessment [1]
    Family violence in African communities in the Western Cape : s theological-ethical assessment [1]
    Family ‘Three-folding’: a conciliatory and affirmative paradigm for human development in caring consciousness in society. [1]
    Fides quaerens corporalitatem : perspectives on liturgical embodiment [1]
    The formation and functioning of racially-mixed congregations [1]
    Four-dimensional conversion for spiritual leadership development : a missiological approach for African churches [1]
    A framework for curriculum development in theological institutions of the network for African Congregational theology [1]
    Freedom of religion in South Africa : then and now 1652–2008 [1]
    “Friends becoming foes” : a case of social rejection in Psalm 31 [1]
    From the exile to the Christ : exile, restoration and the interpretation of Matthew's gospel [1]
    From time-bound to timeless : the rhetoric of lamentations and its appropriation [1]
    Geloof in die spanningsveld van tradisie en empirie : 'n kenteoretiese ondersoek na die verhouding tussen teologie en sosiologie [1]
    Geloofsonderskeiding – moontlikhede van ʼn interdissiplinêre reis [1]
    Die gemeente as interpreterende gemeenskap in die preekmaakproses [1]
    Gender stereotyping in church and community : a Nigerian feminine perspective [1]
    A generous ontology : identity as a process of intersubjective discovery - an African theological contribution [1]
    Genesis 12-25 in die lig van grafgebruike en grafvertellinge gedurende die Ystertydperk in Palestina [1]
    Gereformeerd én charismaties? : 'n liturgiese ondersoek na kontemporêre tendense in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk [1]
    Gereformeerde identiteit vandag? : ontwikkelings en rigtings [1]
    Gereformeerde kerkreg : 'n hermeneutiese perspektief [1]