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    Eccentric existence? Engaging David H. Kelsey’s theological anthropology as a basis for ecological theology [1]
    Ecclesial spirituality in the Korean Presbyterian Church : a practical and hermeneutical investigation into the problem of marginality [1]
    Ecclesiology and membership trends in the South Korean churches [1]
    Embodied leadership : paradigm shifts in the leadership of a local URCSA congregation [1]
    The emergent church movement [1]
    Empire and new testament texts : theorising the imperial, in subversion and attraction [1]
    Empire as material setting and heuristic grid for New Testament interpretation : comments on the value of postcolonial criticism [1]
    Engaging Paul Ricoeur’s work on memory, history, and forgetting : in search of an adequate methodology for church and theological historiography [1]
    Entrepreneurial evangelical ecclesiology : towards a critical evaluation of the Willow Creek seeker-sensitive model [1]
    Ephesians and Artemis : the influence of the religious climate of western Asia Minor of the first century AD on the content and terminology of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23 [1]
    Epistemology and the use of scripture in pastoral care and counselling [1]
    Ester : vroulike durf binne'n manlike bestel [1]
    Ethical preaching in contemporary Korean Protestantism : a critical reflection [1]
    Ethnicity and missional strategies within the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria [1]
    The evangelical alliance mission : an evaluative study of its discipling ministry among the coloured people of Swaziland and South Africa [1]
    Evangelical fundamentalism : an historical-theological study [1]
    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) and poverty, with specific reference to semi-urban communities in Northern Namibia : a practical theological evaluation [1]
    Examples of individual and national restitution in the books of Kings [1]
    The exodus and identity formation in view of the origin and migration narratives of the Yoruba [1]
    An experiment in Bible translation as transcultural communication : the translation of [berith] 'covenant' into Lomwe, with a focus on Leviticus 26 [1]