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    Calvyn as praktiese teoloog : die bydrae van ’n teodramatiese paradigma [1]
    The canon law framework for arbitration of delictual disputes in the Roman Catholic Church of South Africa : a critical and comparative study [1]
    A case of tribal defilement in a Kenyan rural village : a narratological and socio-rhetorical function of the motifs of 'hearing and understanding' and 'contrast' in Matthew 15:10-11 vis-à--vis Leviticus 11:1-4 [1]
    Challenges of disintergrating family life to youth ministry : a practical theological investigation [1]
    The changing landscape in religious leadership : reflections from rural African faith communities [1]
    ‘Christ, the Head of the Church?’ : authority, leadership and organisational structure within the Nkhoma Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian [1]
    A Christian bioethical perspective on pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Genetic Manipulation (GM) [1]
    Christian communication in Korea : a homiletical assessment [1]
    A Christian ethic in the modern and postmodern world [1]
    Christian faith and justice? : a theological investigation into Nicholas Wolterstorff's perspectives on justice [1]
    Christian faith and social transformation : John Howard Yoder's social ethics as lens for revisioning the ecclesiological identity of the South Central Synod (SCS) of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (The PCN) [1]
    Christian leadership in a Malawian context : a practical theological evaluation of African Bible College [1]
    Christian revival in the Presbyterian Church of Thailand between 1900 and 1941 : an ecclesiological analysis and evaluation [1]
    Christian theology at the University : on the threshold or in the margin [1]
    Christians and religious diversity? : a theological evaluation of the meaning of an ethic of embrace in a context of religious diversity [1]
    A church historical enquiry regarding growth of membership in the church of Central Africa, Presbyterian - Harare Synod (1912 – 2012) [1]
    Church leadership within the South Korean context [1]
    Church teaching and the views of youth on sexual practices : a study amongst Anglican youth of the Cape Town diocese aged 12-19 [1]
    The City in Isaiah 24-27 : a theological interpretation in terms of judgment and salvation [1]
    The clown before the powers : a South African response to Charles Campbell's comic vision on preaching [1]