Modelling and dynamic performance of a direct-drive direct-grid slip permanent magnet wind generator

Bouwer P. ; Potgieter J.H.J. ; Kamper M.J. (2011)

Conference Paper

In this paper a transfer function model is developed to evaluate the dynamic performance of the direct-drive direct-grid connected slip permanent magnet wind generator system. The modelling of the generator is done in the dq reference frame fixed to the PM-rotor, for both the grid frequency and slip-frequency generator components. The transient response of a single, 15 kW grid-connected system to changes in turbine torque and grid voltage and frequency is evaluated. It is shown that the generator is very stable under transient turbine-torque conditions and that it acts as a filter to prevent voltage flickering. The dynamic performance is confirmed by laboratory measurements on a 15 kW direct drive slip permanent magnet generator. © 2011 IEEE.

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