Inclusion of thiazyl radicals in porous crystalline materials

Potts S.V. ; Barbour L.J. ; Haynes D.A. ; Rawson J.M. ; Lloyd G.O. (2011)


The incorporation of benzodithiazolyl (BDTA) and methylbenzodithiazolyl (MBDTA) radicals into porous hybrid frameworks via gas phase diffusion revealed that inclusion appeared selective for the MIL53(Al) framework against a range of other potential hosts. Both PXRD and EPR studies are consistent with retention of a π*-π* dimer motif for BDTA in MIL53(Al)@BDTA whereas MBDTA in MIL53(Al)@MBDTA appears to be monomeric. The guests are readily released by the addition of solvent (CH2Cl2). © 2011 American Chemical Society.

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