A reassessment of the supposed echium homonyms in the prodromi of burman and thunberg with typification of their echium names now in Lobostemon and Echiostachys

Nordenstam B. ; Buys M.H. (2011)


Supposed homonyms in Thunberg's Prodromus Plantarum Capensium (2 parts, 1794 & 1800) and N.L. Burman's Prodromus Florae Capensis, published in 1768, are interpreted as Thunberg's applications of Burman names rather than illegitimate later published names. Examples are discussed from the Cape genera Lobostemon Lehm. and Echiostachys Levyns, treated under Echium L. by Burman and Thunberg. Five of twelve Echium names of Thunberg copy those of Burman and are regarded as merely his applications of Burman names known to him from literature, correspondence and personal encounters. Typifications are published for two Burman and six Thunberg names. Type specimens were identified in G, LD, MEL and UPS-THUNB.

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