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    Abnormal serum lipoprotein levels as a risk factor for the development of human lenticular opacities [1]
    Aminoglycoside monitoring: Perspective on current trends in the Western Cape [1]
    Antimycobacterial agents : a study of Liposomal-Encapsulation, comparitive permeability of bronchial tissue and in vitro activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates [1]
    Coronary spasm and thrombosis in a bodybuilder using a nutritional supplement containing synephrine, octopamine, tyramine and caffeine [1]
    A critical appraisal of the clinical pharmacokinetics of isoniazid [1]
    Drug-drug interactions between antiretrovirals and fluconazole in HIV-infected patients [1]
    The effect of certain N-tritylated phenylalanine conjugates of amino-adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate on moloney murine leukaemia virus reverse transcriptase activity [1]
    Effect of ultrasound on transdermal permeation of diclofenac and the temperature effects on human skin [1]
    In vitro assessment of some traditional medications used in South Africa for pharmacokinetics drug interaction potential [1]
    Pharmacokinetics and dosing rationale of Para-Aminosalicylic acid in children and the evaluation of the in vitro metabolism of Ethionamide, Terizidone and Para-aminosalicylic acid [1]
    Pharmacokinetics of twice-daily versus once-daily dosing with granular slow-release para-aminosalicylic acid in adults on second-line anti-tuberculosis and antiretroviral treatment [1]
    The role of surfactant in, and a comparison of, the permeability of porcine and human epithelia to various chemical compounds [1]
    Scorpion sting in Southern Africa : diagnosis and management [1]
    Snake bite in southern Africa : diagnosis and management [1]
    Snake bites, spider bites and scorpion stings [1]
    Spider bite in southern Africa : diagnosis and management [1]
    Surfactant treatment before first breath for respiratory distress syndrome in preterm lambs : comparison of a peptide-containing synthetic lung surfactant with porcine-derived surfactant [1]