Die Afrikaanse vertaling van eiename in Harry Potter : konsekwensies vir kultuuroordrag

Bruwer, Debbie (2005-03)

Thesis (MA (Afrikaans and Dutch))—University of Stellenbosch, 2005.


The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the importance of a consistent translation strategy in the translation of proper names. Coupled with this is the importance of translators having a sound theoretical knowledge that serves as a foundation for the translation of any given text. These aspects are central to the successful realisation of cultural communication seeing that proper names are one of the most important cultural indicators. First, we looked at the first book in the Harry Potter series as to determine the number of proper names that were translated and how many were not translated. Different translation strategies were then looked at to determine whether there was a purposeful and logical explanation, and motivation behind the manner and degree of translation of the proper names. This was followed by a close comparison between book one and book five as to determine whether the inconsistent use of translation strategies, was consistently applied throughout the series. Central to this study is the necessity of successful cultural communication and how the inconsistent use of certain elements can have a negative impact on the cultural communication in any literary work. To establish successful cultural communication, every translator needs a clear skopos/brief for the target text. As a point of departure I will look at certain concepts such as translation norms, culture and translation as well as various translation strategies. The impact of inconsistent translation strategies on texts will be highlighted throughout this thesis.

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