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    • Distorted-wave Born approximation study of the 11Li(p,t) 9Li reaction 

      Cowley, A. A. (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      The reaction 11Li(p,t) 9Li(gs) at an incident energy of 4 MeV is treated in terms of a simplistic distorted-wave Born approximation transfer. The halo neutrons involved in the reaction are treated as a di-neutron cluster ...

    • DSaaS : a cloud service for persistent data structures 

      Le Roux, Pierre Bernard; Kroon, Steve; Bester, Willem (Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, 2016-04)
      In an attempt to tackle shortcomings of current approaches to collaborating on the development of structured data sets, we present a prototype platform that allows users to share and collaborate on the development of ...

    • Model checking rational agents 

      Bordini, Rafael H.; Fisher, Michael; Wooldridge, Michael; Visser, Willem (IEEE - -Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004-10)
      Agent-oriented programming techniques seem appropriate for developing systems that operate in complex, dynamic, and unpredictable environments. We aim to address this requirement by developing model-checking techniques for ...

    • Some important developments in biomining during the past thirty years 

      Rawlings, Douglas E (Central South University Press, Lushan South Road 932, 410083 Changsha, Hunan Province, PR China, 2011-09)
      A selection of significant discoveries in the general field of biomining over the past thirty years with which the author has been directly or indirectly involved will be reviewed. Early steps in the development of the ...

    • Spectroscopy of low lying states in 136Cs 

      Rebeiro, B.; Triambak, S.; Lindsay, R.; Adsley, P.; Burbadge, C.; Ball, G.; Bildstein, V.; Faestermann, T.; Garrett, P. E.; Hertenberger, R.; Radich, A.; Rand, E.; Varela, A.; Wirth, H.-F. (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      The low-lying excited states in 136Cs relevant to the double beta decay of 136Xe were studied via a 138Ba(d, α)136Cs transfer reaction with a high resolution magnetic spectrometer. Preliminary results from the experiment ...

    • Unsupervised pre-training for fully convolutional neural networks 

      Wiehman, Stiaan; Kroon, Steve; De Villiers, Hendrik (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016)
      Unsupervised pre-training of neural networks has been shown to act as a regularization technique, improving performance and reducing model variance. Recently, fully con-volutional networks (FCNs) have shown state-of-the-art ...