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    • Minimum information about a simulation experiment (MIASE) 

      Waltemath, Dagmar; Adams, Richard; Beard, Daniel A.; Bergmann, Frank T.; Balla, Upinder S.; Britten, Randall; Chelliah, Vijayalakshmi; Cooling, Michael T.; Cooper, Jonathan; Crampin, Edmund J.; Garny, Alan; Hoops, Stefan; Hucka, Michael; Hunter, Peter; Klipp, Edda; Laibe, Camille; Miller, Andrew K.; Moraru, Ion; Nickerson, David; Nielsen, Poul; Nikolski, Macha; Sahle, Sven; Sauro, Herbert M.; Schmidt, Henning; Snoep, Jacky L.; Tolle, Dominic; Wolkenhauer, Olaf; Le Novere, Nicolas (PLOS, 2011-04)
      Reproducibility of experiments is a basic requirement for science. Minimum Information (MI) guidelines have proved a helpful means of enabling reuse of existing work in modern biology. The Minimum Information Required in ...
    • Reproducible computational biology experiments with SED-ML -The Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language 

      Waltemath, Dagmar; Adams, Richard; Bergmann, Frank T.; Hucka, Michael; Kolpakov, Fedor; Miller, Andrew K.; Moraru, Ion I.; Nickerson, David; Sahle, Sven; Snoep, Jacky L.; Le Novere, Nicolas (BioMed Central, 2011-12)
      Background: The increasing use of computational simulation experiments to inform modern biological research creates new challenges to annotate, archive, share and reproduce such experiments. The recently published Minimum ...