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    Salsola tuberculatiformis botschantzev and an aziridine precursor analog mediate the in vivo increase in free corticosterone and decrease in corticosteroid-binding globulin in female wistar rats [1]
    Satellite cell proliferation in response to a chronic laboratory-controlled uphill vs. downhill interval training intervention [1]
    Scatter-hoarding in Acomys subspinosus : the roles of seed traits, seasonality and cache retrieval [1]
    Scattering in soliton models and crossing symmetry [1]
    Screening of four Cyclopia (honeybush) species for putative phyto-oestrogenic activity by oestrogen receptor binding assays [1]
    Search for low-spin states above the 5-α break-up threshold in 20Ne [1]
    The secret of dying well : the many faces of cell death and its relevance for treating diseases of our time [1]
    Sedimentary modelling and petrophysical characterisation of a Permian Deltaic Sequence (Kookfontein Formation), Tanqua Depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa [1]
    Sedimentology and stratigraphy of deep-water reservoirs in the 9A to 14A Sequences of the central Bredasdorp Basin, offshore South Africa [1]
    Selection of probiotic lactic acid bacteria for horses based on in vitro and in vivo studies [1]
    Selective distal functionalization of resorcinarenes via an ortholithiation approach [1]
    Selective extraction of Cyclopia for enhanced in vitro phytoestrogenicity [1]
    Self-assembly of amphiphilic discotic materials [1]
    Self-assembly of new porous materials [1]
    Self-association of [PtII(1,10-Phenanthroline)(N-pyrrolidyl-N-(2,2-dimethyl-propanoyl)thiourea)]+ and non-covalent outer-sphere complex formation with fluoranthene through cation-π interactions : a high resolution 1H and DOSY NMR study [1]
    Self-healing coatings based on thiol-ene chemistry [1]
    Self-organised criticality and seismicity [1]
    Semiochemicals of the Scarabaeinae VII : identification and synthesis of EAD-active constituents of abdominal sex attracting secretion of the male dung beetle Kheper subaeneus [1]
    Semiochemicals of the Scarabaeinae VIII : identification of active constituents of the abdominal sex-attracting secretion of the male dung beetle, Kheper bonellii, using gas chromatography with flame ionization and electroantennographic detection in parallel [1]
    Semiochemicals of the Scarabaeinae, III : identification of the attractant for the dung beetle Pachylomerus femoralis in the fruit of the Spineless monkey orange tree, Strychnos madagascariensis [1]