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    Palladium and copper complexes based on dendrimeric and monofunctional N, N’ chelating ligands as potential catalysts in the oxidative carbonylation of alcohols [1]
    Panaceas and pitfalls in electrodriven chromatographic techniques [1]
    Panmixia defines the genetic diversity of a unique arthropod-dispersed fungus specific to Protea flowers [1]
    Parallel likelihood calculations for phylogenetic trees [1]
    The parallel worlds of number theory [1]
    Parametrizing finite order automorphisms of power series rings [1]
    Partial characterization of a bacterial acyltransferase enzyme for potential application in dairy processing [1]
    Partitioning the hypercube Qn into n isomorphic edge-disjoint trees [1]
    A path integral approach to the coupled-mode equations with specific reference to optical waveguides [1]
    Patterns and processes of adaptation in Lacertid lizards to environments in southern Africa [1]
    Perturbation methods in derivatives pricing under stochastic volatility [1]
    Petrogenesis of S-type granites : the example of the Cape Granite Suite [1]
    Petrogenesis of the Ambohiby Complex, Madagascar and the role of the Marion Hotspot Plume [1]
    The petrogenesis of the ignimbrites and quartz porphyritic granites exposed along the coast at Saldahna, South Africa [1]
    The petrogenesis of the Nelshoogte pluton: The youngest and most compositionally variable TTG pluton in the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrain [1]
    The petrogenesis of the older (> 3.0 Ga) potassic granitoids of eastern Mpumalanga (South Africa) and Swaziland : an investigation of crustal formation processes in the early Earth [1]
    Petrogenesis of the syntectonic Matok Pluton in the Limpopo Belt (South Africa) and its implications of the geodynamic environment [1]
    Petrology and mineral chemistry of sulphide ores and associated metalliferous rocks of the Gamsberg Zn-Pb deposit, South Africa : implications for ore genesis and mineral exploration [1]
    Petrology, geochronology and provenance of the Laingsburg and Tanqua Karoo submarine fan systems, Ecca Group, South Africa [1]
    Phase relations and Pt solubility in sulphide melt in the FE-NI-CU-S system at 1 ATM : implications for evulution of sulphide magma in the Merensky reef, Bushveld Complex, South Africa [1]