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    Die karakterisering van die reukmerkvloeistof van die Bengaalse tier, Panthera Tigris Tigris [1]
    Kernel support for embedded reactive systems [1]
    A kernel to support computer-aided verification of embedded software [1]
    Kinetic and mechanistic features of nitroxide mediated (co)polymerization [1]
    A kinetic model of glucose catabolism in Plasmodium falciparum [1]
    Kinetic modelling of wine fermentations : why does yeast prefer glucose to fructose [1]
    Die konsep van biobeskikbaarheid en die neerlê van eenvormige standaarde vir toelaatbare chemiese kontaminante in die grond [1]
    Laboratory optimization of a protease extraction and purification process from bovine pancreas in preparation for industrial scale up [1]
    Lactic acid bacteria : taxonomy antimicrobial characteristics and probiotics [1]
    Laminar flow through isotropic granular porous media [1]
    The Landdroskop area in the Hottentots Holland Mountains as a refugium for melanistic lizard species : an analysis for conservation [1]
    Laser induced chlorphyll fluorescence of plant material [1]
    Laser spectroscopy of the Fourth Positive System of carbon monoxide isotopomers [1]
    Left ventricular segmentation from MRI datasets with edge modelling conditional random fields [1]
    Leukocyte O-GlcNAcylation : a novel diagnostic tool for the earlier detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus? [1]
    Life cycle of Renylaima capensis, a brachylaimid trematode of shrews and slugs in South Africa : two-host and three-host transmission modalities suggested by epizootiology and DNA sequencing [1]
    Ligand modification of Pluronic F108 for use in immobilized metal affinity separation of bio-macromolecules [1]
    Limit theorems for integer partitions and their generalisations [1]
    Link failure recovery among dynamic routes in telecommunication networks [1]
    Liquidity risk and no arbitrage [1]