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    Idempotente voortbringers van matriksalgebras [1]
    The identification and characterisation of the arsenic resistance genes of the gram-positive bacterium, Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans VKM B-1269T [1]
    Identification of candidate genes and testing for association with tuberculosis in humans [1]
    Identification of lactic acid bacteria isolated from vinegar flies and Merlot grapes [1]
    Identification of the gene for β-fructofuranosidase from Ceratocystis moniliformis CMW 10134 and characterization of the enzyme expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
    Identification of two CYP17 alleles in the South African Angora goat [1]
    IGP traffic engineering : a comparison of computational optimization algorithms [1]
    Illuminating the interrelated immune and endocrine adaptations after multiple exposures to short immobilization stress by in vivo blocking of IL-6 [1]
    Image compression using the one-dimensional discrete pulse transform [1]
    Imaging and quantifying the different crystalline structures of polypropylene with the atomic force microscope [1]
    Imine-donor complexes with group 6 and group 11 transition metals : coordination and dynamics [1]
    Immobilized diimine complexes of palladium and copper as catalyst precursors for oxidation reactions [1]
    Immune and satellite cells : important role players in muscle recovery after injury [1]
    Immunological and epidemiological investigations in South African ostriches and penguins [1]
    Immunological and epidemiological investigations into avian malaria in the African penguin during rehabilitation and in breeding colonies [1]
    The impact of copper on filamentous fungi and yeasts present in soil [1]
    Impact of glucocorticoid receptor density on ligand- independent dimerization, cooperative ligand-binding and basal priming of transactivation : a cell culture model [1]
    Impact of molecular structure on water vapour sorption properties in nanostructured polymeric films [1]
    Implementation and evaluation of two prediction techniques for the Lorenz time series [1]
    Implementation of cell clustering in cellular automata [1]