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    Fabrication and characterization of anti-microbial and biofouling resistant nanofibers with silver nanoparticles and immobilized enzymes for application in water filtration [1]
    Facial recognition, eigenfaces and synthetic discriminant functions [1]
    Facies architecture and reservoir quality of Unit B, Permian Laingsburg Formation, southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa [1]
    Fast generation of digitally reconstructed radiographs for use in 2D-3D image registration [1]
    FATKID : a Finite Automaton Toolkit [1]
    A feasibility study of the (3He,8He) reaction with the K600 magnetic spectrometer [1]
    Femtosecond pump probe spectroscopy for the study of energy transfer of light-harvesting complexes from extractions of spinach leaves [1]
    Femtosecond pump probe spectroscopy of light harvesting complexes and Phthalocyanines [1]
    Ferromagnetic phase transitions in neutron stars [1]
    Field soil respiration rate on a Sub-Antarctic island : its relation to site characteristics and response to added C, N and P [1]
    Filament networks using theoretical physics [1]
    Fischer-Tropsch ionomeric waxes [1]
    Flattened Gaussian beam for laser paint removal [1]
    Flow and reactive transport processes in porous media [1]
    A flow equation approach to semi-classical approximations : a comparison with the WKB method [1]
    Flow equations for hamiltonians from continuous unitary transformations [1]
    Fluctuations in a melt of flexible polymers with bond-directed dipolar monomers [1]
    Fluid and deformation induced partial melting and melt escape in low-temperature granulite-facies metasediments, Damara Belt, Namibia. [1]
    Flux creep in pulsed laser deposited superconducting YBa₂Cu₃O₇ thin films [1]
    Food micro-enterprises for food security in an urban slum community in East London : development of an awareness-creating programme [1]