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    C.G.S. de Villiers : wetenskaplike en kultuurmens [1]
    Calculating the output distribution of stack filters that are erosion-dilation cascades, in particular LULU-filters [1]
    Calculating the risk of infection of mycobacterium tuberculosis in endemic settings [1]
    Can the Sutherlandia herb or resistance exercise reverse the stress inducing effects of a mild-intermittent stress procedure [1]
    Cancer modulating properties of unique South African herbal teas (rooibos and honeybush) in short term in vitro and in vivo carcinogenesis assays [1]
    Cape baboon Cytochrome P450 11β-hydroxylases : the characterization of two functional enzymes [1]
    Capillary gas chromatography in the identification of semiochemicals [1]
    Carbene and coordination complexes of gold, palladium, platinum and manganese derived from N-containing heterocycles [1]
    Carbene ligand and complex design directed towards application in synthesis and homogeneous catalysis [1]
    Cardinal spline wavelet decomposition based on quasi-interpolation and local projection [1]
    Cardio-metabolic effects of HIV protease inhibitors (Lopinavir/Ritonavir) [1]
    Casuarina invasions : a multi-scale assessment of an important tree genus [1]
    A categorical study of compactness via closure [1]
    Cell death in hyppxic injury : signaling mechanisms and dynamics in the decision making process [1]
    Cellphone banking at the bottom of the pyramid [1]
    Cellular biomarkers of exposure to the fungicide copper oxychloride, in the common garden snail Helix aspersa, in Western Cape vineyards [1]
    Cellular stress responses to cadmium contamination as measure of sensitivity in intertidal molluscan species [1]
    The cenozoic stratigraphy and associated heavy mineral palaeo-placer deposit on Geelwal Karoo : West Coast, South Africa [1]
    The centenary of Union [1]
    Changes in cell surface and metabolism associated with strains of Listeria monocytogenes displaying different sensitivities to class IIa bacteriocins [1]