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    Comparative study of the molecular mechanism of action of the synthetic progestins, Medroxyprogesterone acetate and Norethisterone acetate [1]
    A comparative study on the impact of different fluxes in a discontinuous Galerkin scheme for the 2D shallow water equations [1]
    A comparison of biomarkers in assessing the combined effects of pesticide mixtures on non-target soil invertebrates [1]
    Comparison of quantitative techniques including Xpert MTB/RIF to evaluate mycobacterial burden [1]
    A comparison of the effect of curcumin treatment on apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy in a MCF-7 mammary adenocarcinoma and a MCF-12A healthy mammary epithelial cell line [1]
    Comparison of two CYP17 isoforms : implications for cortisol production in the South African Merino [1]
    A comparison of two different model checking techniques [1]
    Competitive transport, extraction and coordination chemistry of a number of ligands with selected transition and post-transition metal ions [1]
    Composite carbon membranes for the desalination of water [1]
    Comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography for the analysis of Fischer-Tropsch products [1]
    Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatographic analysis of phenolics [1]
    A computational evaluation of flow through porous media [1]
    Computational study of anion-anion intermolecular interactions between I3-ions in the gas phase, solution and solid state [1]
    Computational study of the boron-nitrogen dative bond [1]
    Computational systems biology of sucrose accumulation in sugarcane [1]
    Computer facial animation for sign language visualization [1]
    Computing the Greeks using the integration by parts formula for the Skorohod integral [1]
    Computing the output distribution of a stack filter from the DNF of its positive Boolean function [1]
    Computing various types of lattices freely generated by posets [1]
    Condensed phase properties of platinum group metal complexes from computational simulations [1]