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    11th Marion Relief Team members [1]
    11β-Hydroxyandrostenedione returns to the steroid arena : biosynthesis, metabolism and function [1]
    27th Gough Expedition [1]
    33rd Marion Island Expedition [1]
    3D numerical techniques for determining the foot of a continental slope [1]
    A 3D Virtual Environment Development Platform for ASD Therapy Tools [1]
    A fully dissociated compound of plant origin for inflammatory gene repression [1]
    AB diblock copolymers via RAFT-mediated miniemulsion polymerization [1]
    An Ab Initio density functional study of the structure and stability of transition metal ozone complexes [1]
    The ability of terrestrial Oligochaeta to survive in ultramafic soils and the assessment of toxicity at different levels of organisation [1]
    Abrogation of glucocorticoid receptor dimerization correlates with dissociated glucocorticoid behavior of compound A [1]
    Accident at sea in which Petty Officer Bold drowned [1]
    Acclimation effects on thermal tolerance in ameronothrid mites at sub-Antarctic Marion Island [1]
    Acolein in wine : bacterial origin and analytical detection [1]
    Acute simulated hypoxia and ischemia in cultured C2C12 myotubes : decreased phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt activity and its consequences for cell survival [1]
    Adamantane copolymers [1]
    An adaptive feature-based tracking system [1]
    Adaptive occupancy grid mapping with measurement and pose uncertainty [1]
    Additional degrees of freedom associated with position measurements in non-commutative quantum mechanics [1]
    ‘African dinosaurs’ : permanent new exhibition at the South African Museum [1]