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Recent Submissions

  • How to make epidemiological training infectious 

    Bellan, Steve E.; Pulliam, Juliet R. C.; Scott, James C.; Dushoff, Jonathan; Porco, T.; Williams, B. G.; Hargrove, J. W. (Public Library of Science, 2012-04-03)
    Modern infectious disease epidemiology builds on two independently developed fields: classical epidemiology and dynamical epidemiology. Over the past decade, integration of the two fields has increased in research practice, ...

  • Prospects for the development of odour baits to control the tsetse flies Glossina tachinoides and G. palpalis s.l 

    Rayaisse, J. B.; Tirados, I.; Kaba, D.; Dewhirst, S. Y.; Logan, J. G.; Diarrassouba, A.; Salou, E.; Omolo, M. O.; Solano, P.; Lehane, M. J.; Pickett, J. A.; Vale, G. A.; Torr, S. J.; Esterhuizen, J. (Public Library of Science, 2010-03-16)
    Field studies were done of the responses of Glossina palpalis palpalis in Côte d'Ivoire, and G. p. gambiensis and G. tachinoides in Burkina Faso, to odours from humans, cattle and pigs. Responses were measured either by ...

  • Religion and violence in a globalised world 

    Wolfgang, Huber (AOSIS Publishing, 2011-11-18)
    Violent religious extremism is seen as one of the mega-problems of the 21st century. This article – based on a key lecture at the conference on ‘Violence in a democratic South Africa’ at the University of Pretoria and ...