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    • Ultrasound-assisted transthoracic diagnostic techniques 

      Koegelenberg, Coenraad Frederik Nicolaas (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2011-12)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Although transthoracic ultrasonography is a well established modality, it is still underutilised by chest physicians. The aim of this research project was to investigate the feasibility, diagnostic yield ...

    • Usability testing of a multimedia e-learning resource for electrolyte and acid-base disorders 

      Davids, MR; Chikte, Usuf; Grimmer-Somers, Karen; Halperin, Mitchell L. (Wiley Online Open, 2013-04)
      The usability of computer interfaces may have a major influence on learning. Design approaches that optimize usability are commonplace in the software development industry but are seldom used in the development of e-learning ...

    • The utility of Xpert MTB/RIF performed on bronchial washings obtained in patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis in a high prevalence setting 

      Barnard, Dewald A.; Irusen, Elvis M.; Bruwer, Johannes W.; Plekker, Dante; Whitelaw, Andrew C.; Deetlefs, Jacobus D.; Koegelenberg, Coenraad F. N. (BioMed Central, 2015-09)
      Background: Xpert MTB/RIF has been shown to have a superior sensitivity to microscopy for acid fast bacilli (AFB) in sputum and has been recommended as a standard first line investigation for pulmonary tuberculosis ...

    • Vitamin B12 neuropathy in the absence of anaemia : a case report 

      Perold, J. G. (HMPG, 1981-04)
      A case of severe vitamin B12 neuropathy (subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord) in the absence of anaemia is described and a short review of the literature presented.

    • Die waarde van flikkergrafie in die hantering van enkelnodules van die tiroied 

      Van Heerden, B. B. see Van Heerden, Barend B.; Van Heerden, P. D. R.; Van Zyl, J. A.; Bouwer, E. L.; Van Heerden, Barend B. (HMPG, 1977-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The value of radionuclide scanning of the thyroid gland was investigated in 125 patients with solitary thyroid nodules. Fifty seven of the 95 patients with 'cold' nodules underwent surgery. The incidence ...

    • Wanvoeding in drie hospitaalbevolkings 

      Labadarios, D.; Rossouw, J. E. (HMPG, 1981-08)
      A disturbingly high incidence of malnutrition has been found in patients with chronic liver disease, in patients with renal failure on chronic haemodialysis, and in the elderly. The aetiology of malnutrition would appear ...