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    The accuracy of after-hour registrar Computed Tomography (CT) reporting in a tertiary South African teaching hospital [1]
    Accuracy of patients' self-reporting of pregnancy and awareness of risks to the fetus from x-ray radiation [1]
    An anatomico physiological principle governing the direction of the gastro intestinal mucosal folds during life [1]
    The anatomy and movements of the pyloric sphincteric cylinder [1]
    Benadering van interpretasie van rontgenfoto's van die longe [1]
    A case control study of breast cancer risk and exposure to injectable progestogen contraceptives : methods and patterns of use among controls [1]
    Extended Cr-51 RBC combined with Tc-99m RBC for the detection and localisation of occult GIT bleeding [1]
    Gastric ulcer diagnosed on a plain abdominal radiograph [1]
    Hybrid imaging using low-dose, localizing computed tomography enhances lesion localization in renal hyperparathyroidism [1]
    Kleur-termografie [1]
    Mapping right ventricular myocardial mechanics using 3D cine DENSE cardiovascular magnetic resonance [1]
    Obstruction-strangulation of post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia : delayed diagnosis and fatal outcome : a report of 9 cases [1]
    Pseudosolid appearance of simple and echinococcal cysts on ultrasonography : a report of 2 cases [1]
    Radiological features of normal and abnormal pulmonary blood flow [1]
    The radiological features of primary pulmonary tuberculosis [1]
    Radiological features of pulmonary oedema [1]
    Radiologiese diens by Tygerberg-Hospitaal [1]
    Radiology and the law in South Africa [1]
    Radiology as an aid in the diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases [1]
    The recognition of lesions on chest radiographs [1]