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    • Two simple inexpensive photographic methods for viewing ECG-gated radionuclide blood pool images 

      Van Heerden, P. D. R.; Baard, W. P.; Klopper, J. F.; Reyneke, N. J.; Weich, H. F. H.; Blake, R. S.; Przybojewski, J. Z. (HMPG, 1979-04)
      Although the ECG-gated radionuclide blood pool scan (GBPS) has become an established method for studying regional myocardial wall motion, it is usually performed with the aid of an expensive computer system. A simple, ...

    • Ventilasiestudies van die long met kripton-81m 

      Klopper, J. F.; Van Heerden, P. D. R.; Baard, W. P. (HMPG, 1981-08)
      During a 2-year study period it was found that krypton-81m was useful in routine clinical practice. During this period 1563 technetium-99m perfusion studies and 807 krypton-81m ventilation studies were performed. A distinct ...