Stationary point analysis of the one-dimensional lattice Landau gauge fixing functional, aka random phase XY Hamiltonian

Mehta D. ; Kastner M. (2011)


We study the stationary points of what is known as the lattice Landau gauge fixing functional in one-dimensional compact U(1) lattice gauge theory, or as the Hamiltonian of the one-dimensional random phase XY model in statistical physics. An analytic solution of all stationary points is derived for lattices with an odd number of lattice sites and periodic boundary conditions. In the context of lattice gauge theory, these stationary points and their indices are used to compute the gauge fixing partition function, making reference in particular to the Neuberger problem. Interpreted as stationary points of the one-dimensional XY Hamiltonian, the solutions and their Hessian determinants allow us to evaluate a criterion which makes predictions on the existence of phase transitions and the corresponding critical energies in the thermodynamic limit. © 2011 Elsevier Inc.

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